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The Do Lectures

It’s hard to believe that just three weeks ago I was sat in a tent in South West Wales listening to some of the most inspiring people I’ve ever had to privilege to hear speak, about a number of unrelated topics - but with one common theme

Every one of those people had made the leap. They’d gone beyond talking, dreaming and thinking and actually made something happen. Some made smaller changes, some huge, but regardless they had found their ‘thing’ and were committed to making it work.

Passion is a much overused word, and it doesn’t really go far enough to describe the enthusiasm, drive and energy all of the speakers managed to convey. Every day we left the tent brain-battered and exhausted with so much food for thought. 

Myself and Mark who attended have been trying to pin down exactly what made Do so much more rewarding than any conference we’ve been to before. There’s no doubt the quality and honesty of the talks was a factor. There were no frills. No slick gimmicks. There was a subtle undercurrent of controlled chaos. Things fell over. We saw a mans bum.

I’m not sure where Mark got to, but my take on it is this. We’re used to conferences having an agenda. Most conferences are about listening to smart people waxing lyrical about the latest greatest thing or how to do that latest greatest thing, or why you should buy this latest greatest thing.

Do is different, there are no agendas. The only common factor is the idea of “doing”. How else could you have talks from the founder of Kickstarter sandwiched between a radical midwife or the guy who started Makerbot? The talks were stories. Not lessons or hypothesis. Just recollections of how, what and why.

That stuff makes you think. Way more than having an ‘expert’ deconstruct their latest design philosophy or firing cod psychology at you.

I haven’t even mentioned the venue so far but Fforest is truly magical. I have a special fondness for Pembrokeshire as my wife is from there but James the owner has created something incredibly special there. The food was phenomenal. The staff were amazing. The little pub they refer to as “the best pub in the world” might just be that.

Thank you David, Clare, Alex, Jon, Anna and Andrew for an incredible few days. You have a really special formula there. Long may it continue.

  • 6 October 2011
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